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2018 At the Spiral of Balance Covenstead

HPS Willow L.T.
Coven: Spiral of Balance
Location: Tacoma, WA


I am Willow, High Priestess and coven head of the Spiral of Balance, located in Tacoma, Washington. I have brought the tendrils of the Spiral Tree Tradition to the west coast.

I am originally from the greater Portland-Vancouver area and discovered Wicca at a bookstore through a title just happening to catch my eye back in 2005. After years of solitary study and practice and networking at the local Pagan shop, I began to take serious classes and become involved in the festival planners in the Portland area; this included initiating into the First Degree within an Eclectic Tradition and participating in a public ritual.

However, the Goddess had bigger plans for me and in 2013 I moved to North Dakota with my military husband. After a year of solitary practice, I joined the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship in Rugby, ND. I continued studying with these wonderful people, even after physically moving to Tacoma. On Imbolc 2017, I initiated into the Third Degree and as of Lammas 2017 have officially ‘hived’ from HOPF.

I regularly offer Wicca 101 classes in the Tacoma area. I also aim to provide our greater Pagan community with vital Rites of Passage to celebrate and mark points in our lives we often neglect, whether it is marriage, birth, death, transitioning, croning/saging, puberty, sending forth children or past lovers. I believe that bringing the sacred back into our lives is vital in living and evolving as caretakers of the Earth.

May you be blessed, my family,

Willow L. T.
HPS & Coven Head of the Spiral of Balance