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2019 Order of the Aurora Coven Meeting

HPS Thura Elvalenia A.        
Coven: Order of the Aurora
Location: Grand Forks, ND.

I am Thura, High Priestess and Coven Head for the Order of the Aurora (OOA). My first introduction to the faith was a tarot deck I was given for my 16th birthday, just over 30 years ago. However, being raised in a smaller, conservative town, I didn’t really know what path I would take at that time. It took a few years of serious illness (many years later), and nearly dying, before I was fully awakened to the goddess. I found OOA as I was moving into a healthier time of my life. After a Wicca 101 course offered by a member of the tradition, I dedicated myself to a faith that felt like home to me.

Due to ongoing health concerns, I am not much of an outdoors person (no camping and no sun during the high point of the day), but I do practice and teach moon magic. My personal focus is on the faith and lore of Scandinavia and the British Isles, including a study of faery beliefs. All of this has provided me with a strong connection to “natural” beings and energies in our world.

I am a strong believer in being the kind of leader that supports and encourages those working with me to become leaders in their own rights, able to stand with confidence in their own abilities and strengths, no matter what those are. Some of this comes from being unafraid to challenge and push people out of their comfort zones, calling it “like it is”; some is done by cheerleading people to keep going when they feel the path is all uphill. And some of this is done through the Gift of being a Merlin – words hold weight and meaning, and as a Storyteller (a bard, as called in times of yore), I try to always remember the power and impact behind what I say.

OOA is the foundation coven from which the Spiral Tree Tradition grew. Our members are very welcoming of those new to the path. We also delve into deeper topics such as regression work, aspecting, and protections.

May the gods and the guardians watch over you,

Thura Elvalenia A.
HPS & Coven Head of the Order of the Aurora