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HPS Sarashun M.D.
Coven: Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship
Location: Rugby, ND.
Emails: and 


My name is Sarashun Moonsinger D. and I am the High Priestess and Coven Head of the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship based out of Rugby, ND. My purpose is to provide the local Pagan community with resources and services tailored to fit their own individual spiritual path and personal needs.

About myself:
I have followed a loosely Pagan path for most of my adult life, but first became associated with the Order of the Aurora coven based out of Grand Forks, ND in 2008. During the years that followed, I was trained in the Alexandrian Wiccan Tradition attaining my Third Degree High Priestesshood on April 13, 2013, receiving formal ordination to perform legal weddings at the same time.  Soon after, the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship hived off of the Order of the Aurora thus establishing what became known as the Spiral Tree Tradition.  The beginnings of this tradition were created by myself and the former High Priestess and Coven Head of the Order of the Aurora, Phoenix R.A., but the STT has flourished with the collective efforts of all of the marvelous High Priestae and members of the tradition as a collective.

Energy healing, death midwifery, neurodiversity, divination, rites of passage, and a love of learning are what drive my spiritual path.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher, receiving formal in-person training and attunement in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition of Reiki, and have offered classes and attunements to pass on this method of healing.  My death midwifery training was completed on November 10, 2019, through SpiritKnoll in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, and I have assisted families to make end-of-life decisions as well as performing home funerals.  Neurodiversity is a personal passion of mine, with my own late-in-life diagnosis of ADHD, which has fueled research into this topic and how it pertains to Paganism and Witchcraft.  I have been a tarot-reader since the age of 17 and have delved into a variety of divination practices over the years, passing on this knowledge to the members of my coven and tradition.  Rites of passage, such as weddings/handfastings/renewals (both legal and informal), funerals, coming of age ceremonies, birthing blessings, and wiccanings, as well as many other ritual practices celebrating the many turnings of the wheel of time, are part of the many services I offer. My personal path is very eclectic drawing from a variety of traditions, and I absolutely love deep-diving into new topics of interest helping me to ever evolve on my path both personally as well as formally to allow me to offer classes within my tradition as well as to the public.

My love of Paganism as a whole drives me to teach and learn from those I mentor.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Teaching and History with concentrations in Communication and Psychology from Jamestown College (now known as the University of Jamestown) in North Dakota and have continued my training in these topics through the University of North Dakota (UND) and North Dakota State University (NDSU).  Please contact me with any questions you may have from the included email addresses on this page, or to request an application to the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship.

Blessed Be,
Sarashun Moonsinger D.
HPS & Coven Head of the Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship