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Coven Name: Order of the Aurora
Coven Location: 
Grand Forks, ND
Coven Birth Date: 
February 2007
Coven Gods\Goddesses: 
Deities of multiple pantheons are welcome. Those usually called include Freyja, Bastet, Morana, Brigid, along with Herne, Thor, Anubis, and Kulkulkan. The household deity of the home the covenstead resides in is Skadi.

Order of the Aurora Covenors with High Priestess Thura second from the left.

Fun Facts About Coven:  
1. The high priestess is versed in fairy lore and working with them.
2. Each member has mastered a different form of divination.
3. All current members are avid tabletop gamers! 

Sigil: Coming soon!

Coven Background\Style:  

Alexandrian Wicca is the foundation. Often called the "light bringers" of the tradition, OOA has a focus on healing, mending, and discovery, whether that be shadow work or learning a new craft. They place equal value in learning to use "baneful" magics, knowing that balance is a key component. 

Communication is a key facet for them, and they embrace diversity. OOA hosts occasional open events and classes to the public throughout the year, posting information on all of these to the North Dakota Pagans and Wiccans group on Facebook, often around Imbolc (February) and Samhain (October), along with a few dates for divination training.