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Coven Background\Style:  

Our coven is highly eclectic.  We are, as all of the covens in the Spiral Tree Tradition, rooted in the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition.  However, we base a lot of our culture in the pursuit of knowledge in a variety of topics which may ignite interest within our collective as well as practical application of witchcraft and earth-based practices.  We have a deep focus on self-love/self-care/shadow work to create more balance in the individuals that join our group.  Many who join our coven are seeking body love and a positive gender and sex culture.  Most of our members are also energy healers using a variety of modalities or are seeking to expand upon their own natural abilities.  HOPF has a strong communication standard, which is essential to the egregore (group hive mind) of our coven.  This group is highly emotionally (not to be confused or interpreted as physically) intimate and has become like family.  We welcome everyone from beginner to advanced practitioners and have members from all over the state of North Dakota (which has given us the reputation of being the “traveling coven”).  Our in-person attendance is therefore different from most covens, usually only requiring one in-person meeting a month, setting aside more time online and schedule flexibility to maintain our connections.  We utilize online facetime for our lessons, while in-person events are based on ritual celebrations of rites of passage and sabbats/esbats as well as outdoor activities in nature.  Social justice and eco-activism, ancestral work, and neurodiversity as a positive trait are also essential core values of this coven.  HOPF hosts occasional open events and classes to the public throughout the year, posting information on all of these to the North Dakota Pagans and Wiccans group on Facebook, and tends toward being very “out of the broom closet” as a result of having so much contact with the public.

Fun Fact About Coven:  We have a few fun facts about our coven culture.  Our coven “totem animal” is a frog…we are the “HOP Frogs”...and even have a frog gargoyle guarding the covenstead.  The frog represents our ability to evolve with the times, the cycles of life that we celebrate, and all things keeping us stable and prosperous.  We also have a love of coffee with a coffee corner in our covenstead for when we conduct business meetings or social hour, and a deep love for the modern goddess: The Lady Caffeina.  We have a large herb collection and coven library to check out books and other resources, and utilize coven funds to improve upon our covenstead together as a group.

Coven Name: The Heart of the Pentacle Fellowship (HOPF)
Coven Location:
Rugby, North Dakota
Coven Birth Date:
Coven naming and initial formation (23 April, 2013) Formal formation as well as the first coven to hive and thus form the Spiral Tree Tradition (18 August, 2013)
Coven Gods\Goddesses: 
Pan and Aphrodite


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