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2017 Spiral Tree Tradition Full Moon Retreat

HPS Duvessa S.I. 
Coven: Covenant of the Moon
Location: Fargo, ND

Welcome to all, who found my page.  I am Duvessa, and the High Priestess of Covenant of the Moon, located in Fargo, ND. We are the Dark Moon branch of the Spiral Tree Tradition. I have been a practicing witch and pagan since 1999.
My purpose is to create a strong foundation and practices for like-minded individuals, through coven work as well as independently. I believe in hard work, communication and most importantly, self-accountability. 

The Covenant of the Moon is a spiritual practice that incorporates, Ceremonial Magic, Trancework and Ecstatic rituals, Chaos theory and delves into banishing, Nocturnal Witchcraft, totem work, Shamanism, rootwork and so much more.  This is all done within the foundations set forth through the Spiral Tree Tradition and I am very proud to be a part of it.   

Duvessa S. I. 
HPS and Covenhead of Covenant of the Moon