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2016 Spiral Tree Tradition Full Moon Retreat

HPS B'Aylana F.G.                
Coven: Circle of the Stag
Location: Wichita, KS


I’m B’Aylana, the coven head of Circle of the Stag located in the grassy plains of Wichita, Kansas.  I’ve been practicing various forms of witchery since the tender age of 13 and teaching the Craft for thirteen years.  Holding close to my heart the Charge, “let there be… mirth and reverence with thee…” my teaching style alternates from intensely serious to silly and irreverent.  My specialty in the craft is putting the body back into an “embodied religion.” I am an exercise instructor, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt, and student seeking a degree in physical therapy.  I search for the special talents of my covenmates and students to find ways to feed their growth. I have also been known to challenge comfort zones with assignments and give the feedback that isn’t easy to hear. In coven we are family, yet it is not for the feint of heart.

At 12 years of age, I read a series of books by Jean Auel that introduced me to the idea of a goddess.  I found the Craft the next year and began reading and clumsily experimenting with ritual and magic based on my books. I found my teacher and mentor, Grandmother Willow, while in college and was eventually initiated into third degree in 2005.  Since then I have also participated in women’s mysteries group, Reclaiming Tradition Witchcamps, and multiple Pagan festivals. I have trained a little with Feri Tradition Initiate T. Thorn Coyle, and I’m a current student of the Anderson Faerie tradition.

May your spiritual adventure bring you wonderment and joy, obstacles and opportunities, and knowledge and connection with the Divine.  

HPS & Coven Head of the Circle of the Stag