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HPX Havania S.V.
Coven: Weavers of Truth
Location: Sumner, WA

Hello Seekers!

My name is Havania and I am the High Priestx and Founder of Weavers of Truth. We are located in the beautiful evergreens of Washington. Inspired by Hellenic principles, we are a Chthonic Coven. We primarily work with underworld symbolism and view the Wheel of the Year as a balance of both life and death. We are proud to cast a circle that explores the self.

I am inspired by the world around me and greatly encourage my Seekers to walk the path of both mundane and magickal together. My specialties include ecstatic dance, meditation, shadow work, and card slinging. You will often find me wandering in the forest, teaching magickal subjects in the classroom, or laughing amongst the chaos. I follow my heart and my intuition, bringing all that I am into my circle. I believe that introspection is one of the most empowering things someone can do for themselves.

We are an inclusive Coven. As a Coven Head, I strive for my Covenors to feel empowered in their unique, whole self. The Weavers embrace our Covenor’s genders, colors, shapes, sizes, and expression in our ritual space and strive to cast a circle where each individual is honored and respected. There is strength in diversity and the web is stronger when strands are woven together.

If you wish to get in touch, gather your supplies and get to work in summoning me! Or… feel free to use the form on this website and put “Weavers Inquiry” in the subject line. Might be faster and less messy that way.

May each encounter on your path be accompanied by curiosity. I look forward to meeting you, Seeker! 

Γεια μας!
Havania S.V. 
High Priestx, Founder, and Coven Head of Weavers of Truth
Tradition Keeper of the Spiral Tree Tradition